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2/2/2019 The Events Calendar for February may be available at the Office.
1/16/2019 Apparently we have gone to a "Seasonal" Newsletter !  Because of that it's larger than usual, contains many graphics and will probably load slowly depending on your Internet speed.  I just received this edition this AM and noted the first four event listings have passed, we apologize for any inconvenience. The Winter Edition can be accessed from the link upper left.
1/11/2019 The Newsletters for Nov., Dec. or Jan. are not yet available due to unforeseen issues?  Thanks to all who have asked.
1/10/2019 There are TWO directors up for election this year.  The positions are currently held by Homer Rose and Gerald Aikens, we do not know if they have filed yet but if you've ever had a burning desire to be on the board see the secretary and fill out the papers.  Everyone should serve the facility in any way that you can.  We thank Homer and Gerald for their service over the last three years.

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11/26/2018 SPEEDING within EP has increased considerably with the return of the Snow Birds particularly but some of the full time folks also need to remember........ we are RETIRED, and while we don't know when our last minute will be...... PLEASE do not make it somebody else's last minute because of your desire to make every minute of your life count !   In fairness, the board should address FED EX, UPS & our Garbage & Recycle folks as well since they too have a filter on their windshields that block out Stop & Speed signs.  If necessary, I will put in a radar unit (they are cheap) and a camera (also cheap) in order to work on this problem... unless Speed Bumps would work better ?  JL
11/17/2018 The Name Tag option above had a malfunction that I believe has been repaired and has functioned properly from my devices.  Please let me know if you have any problems using it. Thanks for your patience !  Webmaster
11/7/2018 There is a new Lot Improvement package for 2018 in the Members/Forms area.
11/7/2018 The November Events Calendar has been posted, access from Front Page.
10/22/2018 All Re-Sale pages have been updated. I would be surprised if there wasn't several errors, please check your listing for correct information.
10/21/2018 Park Model & RV Ports Sale Pages have been updated with a new format.  I have noticed through testing that some machines may require a refresh to the Re-Sale Page. Sellers please look at your listing and note any errors that may have been made or perhaps changes that you would like.
10/18/2018 Back Up & Running VER 2.0. The brand new computer went nuts 2-1/2 days after startup !  Now we are again back up with yet another new machine. I have just received the October EP Newsletter (10/17), and hopefully you can click on the link above left for it and the rest of the history of EP.
10/12/2018 The Re-Sale webpages are getting a facelift check out the new look on the Any RV Listing.  Your comments are most welcome.
10/11/2018 EP Bowling has started back up on Thursday AM (10:00) as a small group wanted to get a head start and sharpen up their skills.  Contact Deb Leahy for more information.  The regular group will start in November on Thursdays at 9:00 AM.  The times are determined by the bowling alley.
10/11/2018 We're back up and running after a terrible accident with a cup of coffee vs laptop !!  Thankfully all of my data was backed up and also the laptop hard drive was able to be installed as an outboard drive.  The programs that I had, had to be reinstalled, re-licensed and so on making the process quite time consuming.  We thank you for your patience.  If you or your group would be interested in posting a notice about your activity please contact me using the Feedback button found on most pages.  JL
5/11/2018 Did you forget to take me with you ??  I was hungry and wandered into the Leahy's yard and they told me to go home but I can't remember where it was or maybe you took it away ?  Anyway, they wouldn't feed me for several days but eventually I got the best of them and now I get some food twice a day.  I overheard them talking about trapping me and taking me to a Vet to get "fixed" and shot up on Monday, I hope it doesn't hurt......... I am not a feral cat like the others, I like people and want to be loved and cared for. As you can see, I am very photogenic !  Click on my picture to supersize me.

If this is your precious pet OR you would like to adopt it, please contact the webmaster using the Feedback link  above.  Thank you, Kitty.

4/29/2018 April's Edition of the EP Newsletter has been uploaded to the EP website, access is through the link above left. This is the last newsletter of the season.  We noticed that there were several illnesses and passings that we have not been made aware of, PLEASE email the webmaster using the FEEDBACK option above with any information of this nature so that we can pass it along in a timely matter.
4/2/2018 Dorothy (Kenneth) Brown, Lot 223, 3441 Peridot passed away about 2 weeks ago after a period of failing health.  The Browns have been owners at EP for about 2 years.  Please keep the Brown Family in your thoughts and prayers.
3/17/2018 The March Edition of the EP Newsletter can be found above left.
3/14/2018 We have added the National Weather Service Beach Forecast to the Home Page....... CLICK ON in the upper right of the Home Page for the US Beaches.
3/9/2018 Richard Grega and Murray Dawson were the top vote getters for the EPPOA Board at the Annual Meeting (3/5).  Richard Grega was elected president.  Constance Wilson accepted the duties of Board Secretary for 2018-2019.  Thanks to all of the candidates for stepping up to help.
2/25/2018 We have learned of the passing of Dolly (Chuck) Vinton (Lot#59) on Feb. 16, 2018.  Our thoughts and prayers are with Chuck and family.
2/23/2018 (1) The Updated "Short Rules" have been posted in the Member's Section. (2) The Annual Packet is available for viewing on the UPPER LEFT of the Home Page....... don't bother printing it out as you will be given a copy at the Annual Meeting or it will be emailed to you later...... JL
2/9/2018 Meet the Candidates now to be held on Feb. 19, at Morning Coffee, Wanda R.
2/5/2018 The February Edition of the EP Newsletter can be found above left.
1/24/2018 Ever wonder what those cloud formations mean ?  Should I hide, duck or continue on ?  Want to broaden your knowledge of the weather and at the same time be a recognized observer and reporter for the National Weather Service ?  Take this 1 hour Webinar course at no charge from NWS from your RV or Cabana.... it could be life saving.  Register HERE for one of the several offerings coming up in the next few weeks.  Peace of mind is a wonderful experience, knowledge is priceless. As a reminder, please look at the Home Page , upper right for the Weather Underground logo and CLICK on it for the weather at Emerald Pointe.  The station is located at 3513 Aquamarine and continuously broadcasts the current conditions.  Both History and Forecasts are also available from anywhere in the world.
Click on Name with underline for bio. 2018 Candidates for Board of Directors:  Murray DawsonRichard Grega  ~  Constance Wilson ~
1/11/2018 NOTICE The Well Water will be out of service until Friday afternoon (1/12/2018), please avoid using City Water for any outdoor use.
1/6/2018 The January Edition of the EP Newsletter can be found above left.

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12/31/2017 Eddie Barrett (Jane) has passed away.  Eddie and Jane have been owners since 2004 and own 3 properties. Eddie was a past Board Member at EP.  He was a very hard working volunteer for Emerald Pointe. Our heartfelt condolences go out to Jane and the rest of the Barrett Family.
12/29/2017 NOTICE !!  We will have 2 Board Members with terms expiring in March.    New Board Members are needed for this rewarding position, please obtain Information Packets in the Library.
12/28/2017 The January Events are posted and available from the Home Page (Events), thanks for the timely update Wanda !
12/17/2017 Bob Sanford's dad (Robert Sanford) passed away this morning in Zephyrhills. Robert & Betty had been owners at EP (Lot#30, 3406 Malachite) since Jan. 2004 and passed along the property to Bob a few years ago.  Robert was an avid Ham Radio Operator and a tool junkie as I remember.  Please keep Bob in your thoughts and prayers .
12/8/2017 We have learned of the passing of Leo Davignon (Lot# 137) 3446 Malachite, we have no other details at this time.
12/5/2017 NOTICE.........  The Hot Tub will be out of service until further notice......... Gerald Aikens
11/21/2017 The Budget for 2018 allows the EP Board to keep the POA Fees at $65/mo as it has for the last 8 years.  The new Pavilion & Storage building should be completed before April hopefully.
11/13/2017 Phyllis (Tom) Trottier's mom has passed away recently, please keep the family in your thoughts and prayers.
Ogie is home from the hospital. Cards can be mailed to Ohmar Megie ,  4603 Cardinal CT,       Lebanon,OH 45036
11/5/2017 Linda (Jim) Kelley's mom passed away recently, please keep the family in your thoughts and prayers.
11/2/2017 Click on EP Weather above right or on the Home Page Upper Right Corner for the current EP Weather, reported many times per hour.  The weather station is located on Aquamarine. The NEWSLETTER is ready, click upper left..

Below are just a few of the many websites and legal offerings concerning feral cats in Florida. After reading you should come away with a better understanding of the problems not just here in Florida but indeed all over the world where HUMANS are not taking the responsibility for their pets of all types.  All cats at EP have been Trapped, Neutered and Vaccinated against rabies as far as we know and at the personal expense and time of a few residents, had this not been done there would have been many, many more cats to deal with, your donations are appreciated.


Pasco County Animal Services HERE, Feral Cats Solutions can be found HERE, Spay Pasco TNR info HERE, Animal Cruelty Law HERE


9/22/2017 The Links Page has been checked for broken links and updated as needed.  There are hundreds of links throughout this website, PLEASE if you find a broken link drop me an email with enough info so that I can find it and fix it.  Thanks,  JL
9/17/2017 A list of West Central Florida emergency contact information can be found HERE.  Please download a copy to your device to use should we again be without power.  The Information Sheet also has "clickable" websites to the many agencies that may be of aid to you before, during and after an Extreme Weather Event.
9/16/2017 The well water has been shut off due to a major leak.  Please be patient while the repairs are made. Avoid using City Water for anything but plant watering.
9/12/2017 We regret having to pass along news of the passing of Dale Armstrong (Chuck's dad).  Dale and his wife Sarah were the 20th owners of a Lot purchased here at EP in 1997.  Sarah is also having some medical issues and we hope that she can overcome them as she deals with these tough times.  Our thoughts and prayers are with the Armstrong Family.
9/12/2017 EP has been spared damage from hurricane Irma.  Only a few Lots had any issues but we did loose 4-6 trees, one of which landed on a 5th wheel and another kissed the windshield of a motorhome coming to rest on a lanai.  Other than that, a couple tons of moss & branches that were removed by the "Summer Residents" we are in great shape...... we can't say the same for many other parts of Florida your prayers and financial support of relief organizations are warranted.  As of this afternoon most of Zhills was back open for business and 10 gasoline tankers were waiting to unload in Tampa Bay.  Many areas of Zhills are still without power and could be a few days yet...... many trees down.

Leading up to the storm the Summer folks ran around picking up stuff that you forgot to secure before you left.  Car covers do not work well as purchased.... they need to be SECURED in at least 3 places with another one or two over the roof bumper to bumper.  Other things you think are heavy are not so much to the wind and rain.

Many of the Summer Residents spent Sunday night at the Clubhouse and I think that they turned it into somewhat of a party !!  I remained in my cabana as it was engineered for 125 mph winds and I think that we built it tougher than that.

The Summer Folks saved many of you from a Nasty Gram from the Board as they seem to do every year......... I have received several requests to check property and I have done so, I will check and report to you if need be, but there are no lingering issues that can be seen from the outside as far as I know ......... J.Leahy

9/4/2017 Gov. Scott has issued a State of Emergency for all 67 counties in Florida as Hurricane Irma approaches.  The area Emergency Operation Centers (EOC) will be activated check HERE for Pasco County info.  Check HERE to develop a family emergency plan.
7/13/2017   Hurricane Season heats up next month so be ready and safe with tips from these websites : Alert Florida and NWS
6/27/2017 Ray Hamel (Joyce/Bev) Lot# 253, 3447 Tourmaline passed away this AM while recuperating from a quadruple bypass on June 16.  Our thoughts and prayers are with Bev and family.
6/11/2017 On behalf of Emerald Pointe residents, our sympathy, thoughts and prayers go out to Dorothy Worch and family in the recent loss of her husband Fred Worch, (Lot# 105, Alasbaster).  Fred & Dorothy enjoyed 16 happy years at EP and will be missed.
6/1/2017 Please note: I'll be on a 4 month RV Trip covering at least 2 dozen campgrounds in 21 States, some of which either lack Internet service, phone service or both......... I will update the website and sales/rentals as the utilities permit........ JL 
5/25/2017 We have received word that Alexis Grega (President Rich) passed away May 23, during an extended hospital stay.  Our thoughts and prayers are with Rich and family. Alexis always had a smile and enjoyed Emerald Pointe and the RV lifestyle.
5/25/2017 We are on the road and pretty much at the mercy of available Internet so if you have anything that needs to be posted please allow a few days to show up, we usually can get email in a timely fashion but good Internet is not always easy.  John - Webmaster
5/4/2017 On behalf of Emerald Pointe residents, our sympathy, thoughts and prayers go out to John and Claudia Bond (Lot# 295) and family's  for the recent loss of Claudia's  Dad on April 28.
4/29/2017 Frances Sanford (Lot# 30) passed away yesterday after a long battle.  Fran spent many years serving Emerald Pointe in various capacities including but not limited to Office Receptionist, Secretary and Contract Committee...... she was detailed in every aspect.  We will miss having her in the Office and in the park.  Services will be held at a later date back North, our thoughts and prayers are with Bob and family.
4/21/2017 Warning !  PASCO County is under Water Restrictions CLICK HERE for the details and to determine the day and times you may wash your vehicle(s) or water your lawn.
4/3/2017 REMEMBER to shut off your City Water before you leave for the summer !! The April Newsletter has been posted.
4/1/2017 It's no April Fools Joke..... the Calendar for April has been posted.  Click the link on the Home Page.
3/30/2017 Please note that the dates in your Annual Packet for the Workshop & Board meetings in Jan. & Feb. are wrong as we meet on Mondays not Sundays, apparently a 2019 calendar was used in error, please adjust your copy to read Jan. 15 & 22 and also Feb. 12 & 19.  The March dates appear to be correct.
3/14/2017 The March Newsletter has been posted on this website, just click on the Newsletters link above left.  We apologize for the lateness however I was in Stuart, FL when I noticed that it had been sent to me and did not have my laptop with me or actually the time either to post it.  Pauline reminded me this AM of the ommission.
2/27/2017 A new form (Lot Improvement Change Order) has been uploaded to the Forms Page.  Please use this form for changes to your original request rather than redoing the multi-page form.  This form will be available at the Office and in the Library.
2/27/2017 New Reimbursement forms are located in the Member's Page Forms section.  Please DESTROY all old forms.
2/25/2017 The 2017 Annual Meeting packet is available from the Home Page left side panel.
2/25/2017 The Pavilion-Storage Project Link can be found on the Home Page bottom right column...... updated as info is received.
2/22/2017 The DOCUMENTS Link of the Home Page now has the full set of CC&Rs, By-Laws and Rules & Regs that anyone can download. 
2/9/2017 The Feb. Newsletter has been posted on this website, just click on the Newsletters link above left.
2/9/2017 Marlene Saletko, the Search Comm. Chair, reports that we now have two candidates for the director position to be voted on at the Annual Meeting..... Tyna Conley and Connie Wilson. 
2/5/2017 The Annual Meeting is about 1 month away.  There is one vacancy for the Board to be filled.  Please pick up a Proxy Form or print one from the Member's Page if you will not be able to attend the meeting.  If you do not attend the meeting please stop by the Office in the days following and pick up your Annual Reports and Meeting Schedule for the next year.
2/4/2017 PLEASE give the Postal Workers time and room to do their job.  You CAN NOT reach in the open pedestals to grab your mail, you must use a key to open your own box.
1/12/2017 January's Newsletter is now available, click on Newsletters above left.

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12/30/2016 The December Calendar has been updated and you will find some other FUN notes just below the Calendar (EVENTS Front Page).  The Newsletter for January will be published after Jan. 5th and should be available here around Jan 6 or 7. 
12/30/2016 We are happy to report that at least some of our computer issues are behind us but even with my back ups other issues have kept the restoration from being a smooth and complete task.  We will keep working at it until things again go smoothly........... JL
12/04/2016 December's EP Newsletter is now available by clicking on the link above LEFT, Thanks Lynn !!
12/04/2016 The POA Fees for 2017 will remain at $65/mo, payable Quarterly ($195) for the 9th year !  Please make your payments by the 1st of each Qtr and put your Lot#(s) on your check.  Thank you, John L.
11/9/2016 NOTICE City water will be off between 8:30am & 9:00am on Thursday 11/10 for repairs.
11/08/2016 November's EP Newsletter is now available, Thanks Lynn !!
10/24/2016 A revised Lot Improvement Packet can be found on the Forms Page.  Discard any old forms you may have..........
10/20/2016 News Flash !! Got my computer back working.  The Newsletter for October is now available (Above Left) and the Sales have been updated. :)
10-18-2016 On Return from my 10 day hiatus I found my computer angry with me for leaving it...... as a result I have GREAT difficulty updating this site and the 4 others that I maintain.  Any of you that have ever run in SAFE MODE will understand the difficulty of working with 1/2 of a computer. While I do have backups, I don't have another computer loaded with the many programs required to maintain this endeavor....... we are working on a quick solution.  JL
8/22/2016 PLEASE NOTE !!  The City Water will be shut off for about 1 hour, sometime before the end of the month, so that the water meter can be changed out.  We should have a 2 day notice of that event, keep checking back here and look for a notice on the Bulletin Board.
7/21/2016 A Special Summer Newsletter awaits your viewing using the link above left.
7/15/2016 Mary Ann (Buck) Winslow, Lot# 216, 3417 Tourmaline, passed away yesterday AM. Mary Ann and Buck are long time owners at EP and she will be missed by the community.  Please keep her and her family in your thoughts and prayers....JL  
7/10/2016 Sadly, we report the passing today of Jacki (Carl) Bosch Lot# 91 3525 Aquamarine Way. We pass on our thoughts and prayers to Carl and his family....JL
6/19/2016 An Amateur Radio Field Day will be held Sat. June 25 in the EP Clubhouse from 2pm to 8pm.  This event is held world wide to test and demonstrate the "Ham's" ability to set up and operate from "field" locations as might be the case during an emergency.  The public is invited not only to attend but also participate at the mic.  Details Here
6/18/2016 We have learned of the passing of William (Jack) Roop (Lot# 258) yesterday but do not have any additional details.  Your thoughts and prayers are welcome for "Jack's" wife Pat and her family.
6/16/2016 We have learned of the passing of Pat Frascone's (Lot# 192) mother last week but do not have any additional details.  Your thoughts and prayers are welcome to Pat and her family.
5/4/2016 Any spare time ? ....... Zhills Hospital Volunteers Needed HERE
4/20/2016 An updated Administrative Committee List has been posted on the Member's Page.
4/10/2016 An updated 2016-2017 BOD Meeting Schedule has been posted on the Member Page showing the addition of a Monday 3-4pm meeting.
4/10/2016 Special BOD Meeting Wednesday April 13th at 10am in the Clubhouse. AGENDA HERE 
4/5/2016 We had a glitch in the last series of updates and have a temporary work around.  Please report TO ME any problems that you may have using the Members portion or the Social Directory.  When reporting please in form me of your computer type, version of software (Win XP, VISTA, Win 7, Win 8 or Win 10) or (Android, Ipad, or other) and of course tell me what problems you are having.  Thank You for you help!........ JL    Feedback
4/5/2016 The April Newsletter & Calendar now available, click above left for News and front page Events for Cal.
4/3/2016 The Directory of Owners and the Social Directory have both been updated with as current information as we have on file. 
4/3/2016 Lot Utility Layout forms are now on the FORMS Page. One is a blank for your use and the other an example of how to mark it up.  Of number one importance is the locations of the three main shut offs (1) City Water, (2) Well Water and (3) Any Electrical. After completing please turn in to the Office so that we can help you or the next owner in the future should there be a problem with services on your Lot.
4/2/2016 Reminder !  If you have not yet paid the 2nd Quarter POA fees of $195 time is getting short before a Late Fee will be assessed.
3/28/2016 We are saddened by the loss of another EPer.  Patrick Potts (Lot#46) passed unexpectedly last week.  Please keep Rhonda and family in your thoughts and prayers.
3/28/2016 Treasurer's Reports for Feb. BOD Mtg, Annual Mtg and March BOD Mtg can be found on the Member's Page.  Also updated Rules & Regulations.
3/20/2016 Some more Great Photo Work by Barbara Tecza !  Stained Glass - Ladies Lunch 2016 - Outdoors at EP!  Click on one for a great show.
3/15/2016 2016-2017 BOD area of responsibilities list with contact info HERE and on Home Page.
3/13/2016 The updated  Rules & Regs, MGD, 2016-2017 Meeting Schedule, Proxy 2017 and a few corrections have been made to the Member's Pages.  The Social Directory & the Owner's Directory will be updated in the next week or so after all of the changes after Annual Mtg. have been changed to the Owner Database.
3/13/2016 The Feedback button above is also on just about every main page of this website.  You may use this function to contact any of the BOD and or management of the EPPOA including the webmaster with you suggestions, comments, questions or concerns.
3/13/2016 The Contact Page has been updated with the new BOD and assignments.  Use the Contact Page to determine which director is responsible for the area of your concern(s) and please start with that director, it will help him/her to do their job better and you'll get an answer quicker.  Newly updated pages will be noted (Updated) on the Home Page for a short time, the notation will be removed after a few weeks.  JL

Homer Rose (3yr), Gerald Aikens (3yr), and Richard Jirousek (1yr) have won the available seats on the BOD at the Annual Meeting held tonight. 

At the short BOD meeting following the Ann. Meeting Rich Grega was voted President, Homer Rose Vice President. Appointments made by the BOD: John Leahy (treasurer), Cindy Giovacchino  (Secretary) and Debbie Leahy (Office Mgr).

 3/7/2016 The March Newsletter can be found using the link ( Newsletters )above left.
3/6/2016 Please keep Cindy Giovacchino in your thoughts and prayers as she works through an unexpected hospital stay.
3/1/2016 The Annual Meeting packet is available HERE
2/22/2016 A Special BOD Meeting will be held 2/25/2016 @ 9am CLICK HERE for details.
2/22/2016 We have just learned of the passing of Jimmy Capps.  He lost his wife Geri just last month..... see below (1/15/2016).  Please put the Capps Family family in your thoughts and prayers as this must be a very difficult time for them.  Jimmy & Geri were pioneer owners (1997) of Emerald Pointe.
2/20/2016 The Updated notation on the Home Page has gone away due to many complaints by folks trying to determine what had actually been updated on each website page.  Rents and Sales are updated weekly, usually over the weekend after Rich & Lyn have published their lists, other pages are updated as needed.  If you should find an older file on any page of this website please alert me and I'll correct it.  JL
2/17/2016 Proxy Forms are available on the Member's Page for the 2016 Annual Meeting.  Check Here:  Members Only / Member Info / Minutes of Meetings, Schedules & Proxy
2/6/2016 Barbara Tecza has again come up with a winner!  Not only is this a story about our pets, it shows our beautiful & clean park too !    Click to view
2/5/2016 The February EP Newsletter has been posted..... very colorful !!   Click on the Link above left.
2/1/2016 Barbara Tecza has again produced a couple of GREAT photo essays of Emerald Pointe, enjoy.  Photo 1   Photo 2  Thanks Barbara !!
1/27/2016 Golf Cart owners.  You are requested to NOT drive on grass leading to the Dog Exercise Area as this is creating ruts in the ground.  G.S.
1/15/2016 We have learned that Rhonda Fuller's mom has passed away.  Rhonda and William had gone North to be with her during her final days.  Your thoughts and prayers for the family are welcomed.

Geri (James) Capps a pioneer owner (1997) and the wife of one of our "3 Santas" passed away on January 9.  Please put Geri and her family in your thoughts and prayers. 

They did not sign up for the Social Directory and their Owner Information is apparently not up to date so we can not pass on mail info at this time. JL

1/11/2016 The EP Newsletter has been posted, due to the holidays and some Internet issues it is later than usual.  Click on the Link above left.
1/10/2016 If you have not done so, please pay your POA Fees now as time is running out.  We sent a reminder a few weeks ago so we will not likely remind you again before the penalty period begins ( 2pm Jan. 15th). Please pay in USD funds, do not Post Date your check and double check that the written amounts and numerical amounts are the same...... we appreciate your help.
1/10/2016 Note that on the Members/Minutes Page that the Proxy Form for the 2016 Annual Meeting in now available for download and printing.  Please be sure to Print, sign and send to the EP Secretary so that it arrives by the date specified on the form.  You only need to use this form if you are not going to be present at the Annual Meeting and you want your vote to count.  While you are on that Page please review the Minutes (Draft) of the 3/2/2015 Meeting and let me (John Leahy) know if you see any errors/additions/deletions and I will investigate.
1/9/2016 We finally got a copy of the Event Calendar to post..... should keep you busy this month for sure !!  Check out the Events Calendar here or on the Home Page......... the Newsletter should be out in a few days.

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12/29/2015 We have just learned that Ruth Megie, has passed. Your thoughts and prayers for Ogie and the family would be welcomed at this time........ JL
12/29/2015 My good friend and a pioneer of Emerald Pointe, Ruth Megie, has taken ill and is in critical condition while visiting up North during the Holidays...... Your thoughts and prayers would be welcomed at this time........ JL
12/28/2015 We wish the best for the McQuaides as they sell and change residences due to illness.  They have been a great asset to EP.  Thank you for your service !!
12/5/2015 LIBRARY CLOSED Wed., 12/9/2015 between 1:00pm and 4:00pm for cleaning and reorganizing.
11/11/2015 The new start time for bowling at Pin Crushers Lanes is 9:15am on Thursdays.  See Note on 10/23 for additional info.
11/10/2015 Check out the November Newsletter, it is really looking good and has the season's events so you can mark your calendars !  Click on link above left.
11/10/2015 We wish Darlene Caldwell a speedy recovery and quick return to the Pointe !
10/31/2015 Notice:  A short BOD Meeting will preceede the Owner's Workshop on Monday, November 2 @ 9am.
10-24-2015 We have started to uploaded the Treasurer's Report(s) on a Brand New Page that can be accessed through the Member's Page.  So far we have the latest (Oct. 21) report posted and will back tract to January as time goes on...... JL
10-23-2015 BOWLING starts Thursday, Nov. 5th @ 9:00 am (doors open @ 9:00) at Pin Crushers Lanes on US 301/Gall Blvd.  Cost is $8.00 for 3 games and includes shoes and house ball. Please sign up in the Library, contact Deb Leahy (Lot# 88, 3513 Aquamarine) with questions.  You are not committed to weekly participation. Scores and averages will be kept. 
10/06/2016 Finally, some good news to post.......... the October EP Newsletter can be viewed by clicking on the link above left.
10/5/2015 Beware of South Carolina Road Closings due to flooding.  Reports are that a 75 mile stretch of I-95 is closed. You would probably be better off trying a more inland route when coming south even if the waters have receeded there may be detours due to unsafe bridges along the way.  CLICK HERE for the SC DOT and latest info.  This event is STILL in the making.
9/28/2015 Just received a call from Terry Jones informing me that Duncan Scott (Lot# 149, 3501 Malachite Dr) had a fatal accident while working on his motorhome.  Please keep Joy and family in your thoughts and prayers.....  Jack Wilson
9/27/2015 The last quarterly HOA Fees for 2015 are due on Oct. 1 and must be received at the Office no later than Oct. 15th to avoid a penalty.  You can deposit your checks in the mailbox outside the POA Office....... do not put cash in the box.
8/23/2015 With great sadness I must report that our faithful friend Tom Tirohn passed away this afternoon.  Tom was way beyond "dedicated" to EP and he shall be greatly missed.  Your thoughts and prayers are requested for his wife Barbara and their family....... the address posted below on  8/2/2015 should reach the family......... JL
8/17/2015 We have learned that Tom Tirohn has been moved to Hospice Care after a trip to ICU.  Barb is doing well in her struggles.  Please keep them both in your thoughts and prayers.
8/10/2015 My thanks to all who sent a card to me, prayers and kind thoughts when Forest passed away. I appreciate it very much. Ranger and I are doing good and hope to see everyone when you return to EP...... Barb Troutt
8/3/2015 Sadly we pass along the news of the passing of Sharon McBee's MOM this AM.  Our thoughts and prayers are with Sharon and her family.
8/2/2015 Tom & Barbara Tirohn have moved to assisted living their new address is HERE.  (Member Password Required)
8/2/2015 The August Newsletter is online, click on Newsletters above left.
7/25/2015 John Magee has agreed to pick up where our lawn contractors left off.  Mowing with start on Monday AM (weather permitting) and continue into Tuesday.  He has agreed to continue mowing until the BOD can meet in the Fall....... A big THANK YOU to John for his help.
7/25/2015 The EP Theater Dates have been set for 2015 ~ 2016 and can be found HERE.
7/24/2015 Your thoughts, prayers and well wishes are requested for Candice Devlin (Lot 191),  Rich Lydecker (Lot249) and Mary Wilcox (Lot 194) as they begin or continue with radiation or chemo treatments.  Pauline Patenaude
7/24/2015 Like to run/walk ? Join Deb (Lot 88) & Cindy (Lot 86) at the Trilby Dusty Rail Rally on October 3, sign up early and save $$.   Info HERE
7/9/2015 We have learned of the passing of Forest Troutt this afternoon.  Please put Barbara and Forest in your thoughts and prayers.
7/8/2015 Barbara Troutt, Lot 237 Peridot, has informed us that Forest has been transferred from ICU to Hospice today.  Please keep Forest and Barbara in your thoughts and prayers.
7/7/2015 If you are one of the 20 that have not yet paid your 3rd qtr POA fees please do so at your earliest opportunity so that I may close up that book before I leave for a couple of months.  Payments received after the 15th are treated as delinquent and receive a penalty.... John Leahy, treasurer.
6/19/2015 Diann Rogers (Ron), new owners of Lot 65, 3505 Beryl, has advised us of the passing of her mother.  Please keep Diann and her family in your thoughts and prayers.
6/18/2015 We have learned of the passing of Grace Weaver (Lot251 3439 Tourmaline).  Please put the Weaver Family in your thoughts & prayers.
6/17/2015 Rich & Pat Frascone will be attending the Summer RV Show at the Tampa Fairgrounds to promote E.P.
6/17/2015 A Pot Luck is scheduled around 4pm on the 4th of July at the Clubhouse.  Look for the posters when you get your mail.
6/5/2015 Click above on the Newsletters for the June issue....... chock full of gems !
5/28/2015 We are saddened to hear of the passing of Florence (Fred) Martin yesterday.  Please keep Fred and the Martin family in your thoughts and prayers.
5/14/2015 Few events in a couple's life are harder to deal with than the loss of a child.  Ogie & Ruth Megie lost a son this morning after a very long battle.  Our heartfelt condolences go out to our pioneer owners.
5/14/2104 The roads at EP wil be recoated starting on May 18. Please CLICK HERE for the schedule.  If you are at EP you will need to adjust your travels about the resort for a few days, be sure to read the schedule.
5/10/2015 A letter to residents from Director Rich Grega can be found HERE
5/10/2015 The machines have been prematurely removed from the laundry, the replacements will arrive after the 20th of May..... probably.  Also note that the road resealing project has been delayed by a week or so.

Tom Tirohn has stepped down as Co-Treasurer due to health issues.  Tom has served EP as treasurer for about a decade and has been the longest continuing member of the EP volunteer management team, few if any have matched his dedication and service to our 5 Star Resort. 

Thank You Tom for your service !


(1) Remember that on or around May 18 we will have the roads re-coated and sealed.  We are assured that the coating is fast drying and should not track onto your pad.  Not sure how disruptive this might be on your street, might be a good day for a trip to the beach !

(2) Also sometime this month we expect that the new fence along Chancey will be installed so look for activity in the Entrance area.

(3) Keep May 30th open for a Cookout at the Clubhouse !  The time and details will be posted in the usual spots.  Bring a dish to pass.

(4) Probably in June the Pool will be drained for alligator removal er' painting !  Hopefully this will not take too long to complete.

(5) In Mid-June we expect the laundry machines to be changed out due to a new contractor, an alternate laundry solution might be needed for a few days.

05/03/2015 Richard Paige (Lot 173) is recovering nicely after his recent surgery, thanks to all for their thoughts and prayers.
04/17/2015 Mike Patenaude (Lot 24) will undergo surgery next week for a heart valve replacement.  Please keep Mike in your thoughts and prayers.
04/16/2015 Our thoughts and prayers are with Joan McQuaide (Lot 169) and family with the recent passing of her brother.
04/08/2015 EP Bingo & Bowling  slide show HERE ........ thanks to Barbara Tecza (Lot#214) for the photos and being a part of our fun times !!
04/04/2015 Please remember to pay your POA Fees ASAP.  Any received after 4/15 will result in a Late Fee charge.  TT/JL
04/04/2015 Owner Information changes must be made in writing and delivered to the office or the mailbox in front of the Office.  You may also email the info to eppoa@yahoo.com or use the form provided on the Member's Page (Forms). Please disregard the statement in the April Newsletter suggesting that you leave a message on the EP phone.
04/04/2015 The April Newsletter is available by clicking on the "Newsletters" link above left.
04/02/2015 We have a committee for that !!  The latest Admin. Comm. listing has been posted.  If you have a question or issue please check with the Chair of that committee first and if you fail there then....... PLEASE: For questions and/or concerns contact The Director Responsible for that area. 
3/20/2015 You will find an updated Rules & Regs and MGD on the Members Page.
3/10/2015 Click Here for instructions for access to the EP Facebook page.  This page is a CLOSED group for EP Owners and invitees only. AFTER you gain permission to access the EP Facebook you can use the Facebook link above to go directly to the correct page.
3/4/2015 The Vote Tally for BOD at the Monday Annual Meeting:  Rich Grega (125); Chuck Armstrong (125); Roberta Cobb (59).  The new BOD and Officers can be found  H E R E  and also on the Home Page in the lower left column.
3/4/2015 The Open House Dates in the March Newsletter were incorrect. Please see the EP Calendar for the correct dates.
3/1/2015 The March EP Newsletter can be found by clicking on the link above LEFT.
2/25/2015 Please keep Thelma Beckman in your thoughts and prayers as she works through some medical issues.
2/25/2015 Pass on your condolences to Cliff & Mary Wallace on the passing of their grandson Feb. 12.
2/25/2015 Please keep Candice Devlin in your thoughts and prayers as she undergoes medical procedures in Michigan.
2/25/2015 Be aware that Anthem and Blue Cross of Florida has had their computer systems and database compromised recently.  If your records were among them you will receive written notice.
2/24/2015 With the Annual Meeting only a few days away we remind you to update your EP records to reflect any changes that you have had this past year.
2-13-2015 The 2015 Annual Meeting Page (developing) with Bios of the BOD Candidates can be viewed HERE.  The finished page with the actual handouts should be online by 2/21/15...... or so.
2-9-2015 We have learned of the passing of Tom Garcia's (Lot# 266) mother a few days ago.  Please keep Tom and his family in your thoughts and prayers.
2/4/2015 Our thoughts and prayers go out to Carl (Jackie) Bosch, 3525 Aquamarine (Lot 91) on the passing of his dad this afternoon.  We wish them safe travels back to PA for the services.
1-24-2015 PLEASE NOTE !  There are NEW Lot Improvement Forms on the Forms Page and they will be available in the Office & Library also.
1/24/2015 Promotion Committee Owners Meeting January 29 @ 10:am Clubhouse.
01/20/2015 There will be two (2) openings for 3 year terms on the Board of Directors at our March 7, 2015 Annual Meeting....... please offer your expertise and services to our community and throw your name in.  Get information from Search Comm. Chairperson: Buck Winslow 704-616-0223 and an application form from the Library.
01/20/2015 Be aware that you should check your SPAM folder for honest messages from folks that are actually in your address book...... might just be my Yahoo account ?  Recently had 2X more emails making several in the past year.  Be careful what you open !  J. Leahy
01/15/2015 The family of Patricia McKillip has informed us that Pat passed away today following a stroke.  Please keep the McKillip family in your thoughts and prayers.
01/15/2015 Please add Mary Ann Winslow to your prayers and concerns as she works her way through an illness.
01/04/2015 Please NOTE that the Event Calendars passed out had an incorrect date for the Jan. BOD Mtg. The correct Date is Jan. 24th. not the 17th. please change your copy or print an updated one from the Events Page.
01/03/2015 A current (1/3/2015) Social Directory has been uploaded. If you are not on it and want to be please contact the Office.
01/02/2015 The January issue of the EP Newsletter is available........ CLICK above LEFT on Newsletters.  The January Calendar is under Events on the Home Page.


12/20/2014 We sadly bring you the news of the passing of Lillian "Lilly" Hirschfield (Lot# 73).  Her battle with cancer was long and hard fought.  Please keep Lilly and husband Don and their families in your thoughts and prayers. 
12/14/2014 I am working through some issues between PASSWORD changes required by the hosting service and the EP website.  For now a different small box will pop up each time you access a protected file......... use the same password as you have in the past, no username is required at this time.  If you are confused then I have done my job well !!  If you should need assistance please use the Feedback button above and I help you out.  J. Leahy
12-4-2014 Marie Wheeler & Alice June could use a few words of encouragement as they each work through their medical issues.  Please keep them and all of our "family" in your thoughts and prayers especially through the holidays, always a tough time for some.
11-30-2014 The December Newsletter has been posted and is a great read....... just click on the Newsletters link above left and select December in the table.
11/30/2014 The Finance Committee Report and Budget for 2015 can be found HERE.
11-26-2014 If you would like to send a card to "Lilly" Hirschfield (Lot# 73) please click HERE...... she would appreciate it.
11-24-2014 The December 13th BOD Meeting has been rescheduled to Dec. 1st. to allow travel time for some.
11-21-2014  A current list of prohibited dogs at EP by our insurance company can be found HERE.  Also the list will be posted on the board.  The list in the Rules is under revision.
Deb Cook's (Lot 207) father, who was from Zephyrhills, passed away last Friday.  His funeral will be Feb. 17th at the Lutheran Church on 20th Street.  We ask that you keep Deb and her family in your thoughts and prayers.  Thank you,  Roberta 
10-31-2014 I am re-working the Celebration Garden page, won't be back up for 2 weeks or more.  Rather than having you go to a page that said it's under construction I just took away the link and "grayed" out the heading.  John, webguy
10-27-2014 The November Newsletter has been posted.............. looks G-R-E-A-T  !
10-26-2014 We have learned of the passing of Betty Simmons (Lot261).  The funeral was held on September 11.  Please keep Glenwood and the Simmons Family in your prayers.
10-25-2014 Our thoughts and prayers are with Peggy & David Kennedy (Lot134), Peggy's dad passed just after the Kennedy's arrived at EP and had to return home.
10-23-2014 The November Activity Calendar is available on the EVENTS page.
10/22/2014 OPEN HOUSE dates are Nov. 13th, Nov. 25th and Dec. 12.  Yes these are different from the past.  The Promo Committee is trying something new.
10/14/2014 There is a new bug out there affecting Mac computers. This bug, codenamed iWorm, connects to the cyber-criminals in charge of it via Reddit (a social-network, entertainment, and news website). The hackers can then take control of the "Botnet" (botnet is a term for a network of private computers infected with malicious software and controlled as a group without the owners' knowledge) and use it to do many different things like: flood websites with traffic that eventually crashes them, mine Bitcoins, or even spam eMails. As of yet, it doesn't seem like the infected computers are currently being used for any attack. You can read about it on our Facebook Page where we have a post linked.  (This is a message from Hometown Wireless)
10/12/2014 The online Adobe PDF documents that have a fill in feature appear not to work "out of the box" with the Apple line of devices.  I have checked the fill in feature on Kindle Fires, all versions of Microsoft Internet Explorer and the Android products and have not found any serious issues with any of them.  I am investigating the very few options for Ipads to make this work for everybody as doing so will make it easier for you and the Office.  If any of you Apple folks have an answer to solving the inability to fill in the blanks please contact me.  Thx John
10/1/2014 An updated October Newsletter has been posted. See photos of the RV Show below on the 6/20/2014 entry.
9/26/2014 We have learned that Earl Leavitt passed away this week.  Earl and Jean own Lot# 26, 3422 Malachite Dr.  Please keep Earl and his family in your thoughts and prayers.
9/26/2014 The Owner Information Document can now be completed ONLINE, saved and emailed to the Office..... see the Member Page.  Take a look and see if you need to update your information....... Thank You !
9/25/2014 The new Name Tag page is operational. Click on Name Tags Offer above, you will need to use the UserName & PW to access.
09/25/2014 The October 2014 Newsletter is now available, click on the Newsletter Link above left. (If you have information for the Nov. newsletter please get it in to our new editor, Lynn Bugden by Oct. 20th.)
09/25/2014 Please check out the Summer Reports here or from the Member's Only page for a glimpse of "Off Season" issues.
09/19/2014 Registration of owners (and guests) upon arrival has finally been initiated for safety and security.  Please see the Member's Page for the form..... you can either print it, fill by hand and drop it by the Office or use the online fill in and email it.
08/31/2014 The Rental Page has a new look aimed at making it easier to find a lot to rent. Use this Feedback Form for comments and suggestions.

We have received notice that Donna Lentz has passed away at 8AM today, please keep Jack and his family in your thoughts and prayers.


Jack's address can be found in the Social Directory.

08/24/2014 Yet another water leak..... this was with well water.  Repaired by Mr. Fixit (Rich) and Mrs Sidekick (Pat).
08/12/2014 A Pizza Party has been declared by Rich Frascone for Friday, Aug. 15th see here for the poster........ HERE Great Time !
08/10/2014 A City Water leak has been detected on Tourmaline and will result in the water being turned off until it is repaired by Rich Frascone.
08/06/2014 Please keep Jack Hogan (Lot# 146, Malachite) in your thoughts and prayers as he deals with some health issues.
08/03/2014 Security noticed water gushing behind the Clubhouse around 2am and notified Rich Frascone.  Rich & Pat repaired the leak later in the morning.  We appreciate the dedication and service of the Frascones to EP.
08/02/2014 Please keep Bernice Barbian and family in your thoughts and payers after the loss of her son on July 31.
07/21/2014 Added Tampa Bay Emergency Pet Service (nights & weekends) and Zhills History to the Links Page.
07/21/2014 SCAM ALERT !! Attention Sellers and owners that rent their property.  Again this year (see 8/28/2013 notice below) a SCAM is going around where someone offers to buy or rent your property, offers a down payment and then backs out requesting only a part of the funds back with the original check not worth the paper it is printed on........ by the time you find out your money is gone.
07/12/2014 About 35 EPers showed up for the BBQ. Rich Frascone & Rich Lydecker did the outside cooking and the Ladies did all the delicious side dishes..... bad news if you were trying to loose weight !  Here are some photos of the event.  Click Here.
07/03/2014 Things are still going on at EP !  Click HERE for info on a Bar-B-Que on Sat. July 12......... this is our 3rd event this "season" many thanks to Rich & Pat for all that they do to keep our quiet Off Season park lively !
06/30/2014 Normand & Louise Richard (Lot# 62, 3449 Beryl Ln) have lost their son to a massive heart attack at a young age of 48.  Our thoughts and prayers reach out to the Richards at this most difficult time.
06/23/2014 A storm grew up around the Correction Facility last night and hovered over our area for about 40 minutes without the center moving.  Toward the end several lightning bolts were thrown around one of which was close enough that the transformer box between Carson's #10 and Hennick's #11 was damaged and I had 3 of my GFI's trip which was a good thing.  Not sure who else feeds off of that xformer but if things don't work right when you return that may be the cause......... JL
06/20/2014   Rich & Pat at the RV Show today...... nice looking booth.  Click on the photo to enlarge.
06/09/20014 A new Park Layout with both Lot#'s and Street Numbers is now available from the Front (Home) Page.  You can download this to your Desktop for quick reference...... JL
06/09/2014 An updated "Social Directory" has been posted.... see link on the Home Page.
06/03/2014 The 2014 Draft Minutes of the Annual Meeting are on the Member's Page.
05/30/2014 The Governing Documents no longer require a password to view.  These are Public Documents on file at Pasco County.
04/23/2014 Barry Fuller has been hospitalized and will undergo an operation in the AM, please keep him and Barb in your thoughts and prayers.  Barry is a past BOD member and has worked at City & County levels for EP...... JL
4/23/2014 The Security Patrols have been re-started for the off season.  We have noted that the patrol people actually get out of the cruiser and walk around the buildings........ good feelings !
04-18-2014 Heartbleed is a very bad virus that has infected many financial computers.  You can Click Here for a link to a place where you can check to see if your financial people are protected and safe.  Only those websites that use SSL are affected.  They are marked https:// at the start of the address..... all sites that deal with money use this type of address.  (This info came from my Norton protection) JL
04-14-2014 I have learned that my friend Boston Wilson (Lot# 311) has passed away.  Please keep his family in your thoughts and prayers.... he & Connie are listed in the Social Directory....... JL
04-13-2014 Your prayers and thoughts are urged for Dean and Susie Hecker as Dean deals with major issues.  The Heckers' owned a park model on Alabaster, Dean was quite active at EP, Susie did the Calendar for many years.
04-13-2014 An updated "Social Directory" has been posted.... see link on the Home Page.
04-12-2014 Jack and Karen Dietrich thank you deeply for all of the prayers and concerns for Jack's issues.  He is on the road to recovery..... Karen
04/01/2014 Click the Newsletters link above for the April issue of the EP Newsletter.
03-26-2014 As if we didn't have enough to think about, Crazy Ants are invading the Gulf States from Texas to Florida.  Do a search on Google or Duck Duck Go for (Crazy Ants in Florida) and read up on them..... sounds like they like and eat electronics and house wiring.  They are also sort of immune to regular chemicals so if you employ a chemical company you might want to check with them.  If you see these guys around PLEASE send a note to me...... John    Here's an older UF memo that gives you some insight..... CLICK HERE

We are in the process of updating the website with 2014-2015 EP data.  This will take several days and some of the information will be out of date until we have completed the task.  An updated Social Directory should be available online early April. 

Please note a date change for the Oct. Workshop..... it has been moved to Oct. 20.

03-10-2014 Sales Promotion Meeting, March 14, 2014 @ 10:00am @ the Clubhouse..... bring your sales ideas.... Rich Frascone
03-05-2014 Director Jack Wilson has been elected, by the BOD, to the position of President for 2014-2015 season. Roberta Cobb has accepted the position of Vice President of the EPPOA BOD for 2014-2015 season.  Secretary (John Leahy) & Treasurer (Tom Tirhon) were reappointed by the BOD.
03-05-2014 Click HERE for Notice of Special BOD & Workshop Meeting March 17, 2014.
03-05-2014 Your thoughts and prayers for Jack Dietrich are welcome as he works through testing to diagnose his health issues.

Jane Barrett, as Assistant Treasurer, will do her very best to fill in for Tom Tirohn as he recovers.  No changes in the day to day operation are anticipated.  Please continue your EP financial transactions in the same manner as you have been accustomed to. 

Jack Wilson and John Leahy will be back up support for Jane as needed.

03-05-2014 Please put Tom Tirohn in your thoughts and prayers as he works through his medical issues.
03-05-2014 Rich Frascone has stepped down (at the Ann. Meeting) from his BOD position for health reasons.  We all appreciate his hard work and dedication in his efforts to carry out his responsibilities.  We wish Rich well as he works through his health issues.
02-28-2014 The March Newsletter is available by clicking the link above left.
2-27-2014 We have learned that Barb Morningstar's mother has passed, we offer our condolences to Barb and her family during this difficult time.
2-26-2014 Annual Meeting Information HERE   or  get the whole packet HERE  either choice will require the EP password.
2-24-2014 NOTICE:  The full Board of Directors will be meeting with a prospective attorney on February 27th @ 9:30 AM in the Clubhouse.
2-17-2014 We wish Kathy Grego a quick and complete recovery after her recent surgery.
2-17-2014 We are building an Annual Meeting Packet page so that you are better informed......click here:  Annual Mtg 2014
2-15-2014 Please keep Lilly Hirschfeld (3534 Beryl) in your thoughts and prayers as she works through medical issues.  LW
2-15-2014 The implementation of the Guest Registration will begin in October.  After October you must register your guests staying with you. You need to obtain a name badge from the Office if your guests will partake in any EP Activities.
2-15-2014 Don't forget the Park Wide Yard Sale and Open House on Saturday, Feb. 22.  Sign up for the Yard Sale at the office on the MAP.
2-10-2014 We offer our thoughts and prayers to Barb Moningstar on the loss of her sister.
2-10-2014 We offer our thoughts and prayers to Eric Fisher on the loss of his sister.
2-5-2014 My good friend Boston Wilson (of 3541 Pyrite) is in need of your thoughts and prayers as he works through some medical issues......JL 
2-4-2014 Donna Lentz is in need of prayers as "she is very sick and needs prayers now" according to our newsletter publisher.  More information will be posted here as the webmaster is made aware.  We pray for Donna and Jack in their time of need.
01/31/2014 The Feb. Newsletter can be found by clicking on "Newsletters" above left.
01-29-2014 Clean out your shed and have a little fun at the EP Yard Sale on Feb. 22.  The hours should be posted on the Activity Board.
01-21-2014 The BOD voted at the 1/18 meeting to continue the Workshops for the BOD/Committee Chairs and general membership in an effort to bring forth topics for general open discussion that lead to a direction for the BOD to take at some future BOD Meeting.  The Workshops will take place on the FIRST MONDAY of each month (at 9:00am at the Clubhouse) that has a an official scheduled BOD Meeting.
01-20-2014 We have learned that Burt Clapp has passed on after suffering a stroke. No other information available at this time.  I wil try to get an address to mail cards to as the address on file does not seem to work.
01-06-2014 For the Jan. EP Newsletter click above left on Newsletters.
01-06-2014 The Workshop held today was attended by 64 folks representing 53 (17.5%) lots.  The general consensus was to continue with this format 2 weeks prior to a regular BOD Meeting.  This will be acted upon at the Jan 18. BOD Meeting.
01-04-2014 Workshop for BOD/Comm. Members and Owners only.  9:00am at the Clubhouse.  No votes will take place.


12-23-2013 I have been able to use the Hometown WiFi since before daylight under an overcast sky so perhaps it has been repaired.  The service today is faster than Verizon has been for me during the last several weeks.  No word from Hometown as to the extent of work done....... Webguy
12-22-2013 Be aware that switching to Internet Explorer 11 may either change what you see on a website or you may not be able to use much of the site at all.  I have just finished changing 19 of our pages.  Florida Medical Clinic Patient Portal does not work properly.  If you notice parts of a page missing on the EP site please let me know....... John Leahy

Paul May  passed away today around 9am, our thoughts and prayers are with Gwen and her family.  No service details are available at this time.

Paul & Gwen own 3451 Tourmaline, Lot254.

12-21-2013 Read the Assessment Notice for 2014 HERE.
12-17-2013 The WiFi continues to be an issue, works during daylight mostly, a plan is being developed to address this issue.
12-16-2013 All BOD members are out of the resort until after the holidays.  If you have an issue that requires immediate attention please contact Tom Tirohn Lot# 11 or John Leahy Lot# 88 and we will put you in touch with the correct director for your issue.
12-09-2013 Please read this Pet Committee Report of 12/7/2013.
12-09-2013 If you have rental property or property listed for resale please forward your $25 listing fee to the EPPOA Office by Jan. 1 for next year's listing.  Please put your Lot# on the check and note if it's for the Rental or Sales Listing for 2014.. 
11-29-2013 We are in need of a few Office Volunteers to help lighten the load through out the winter season. The office needs to be covered from 10am-2pm M-F. The shifts are a short 2 hours each and you can certainly take 2 shifts in a row if you wish. If you like to meet & help people AND want to learn about your park we can use you.  Please contact Pat Frascone (currently out of the park), Cindy Giovacchino or John Leahy if you would like to help.
11-28-2013 A new Game Sheet page can be found on the FORMS Page, Member's section. These are the BINGO games A-F and also the Euchre score sheets.  You may find a use for these when you are away from EP.  Feel free to share these with your friends.  If you have other Game "Stuff" like rules or score sheets that you would like to share please forward to the Webguy.
Jim Girouard (Pyrite Lot #198) passed away on Thursday, Nov 21.  His service will be held on Sunday Nov. 24th at 2:00 PM at Beyers Funeral Home in Leesburg, Florida. The gathering will be held after the service at the Waterwood Club House.              
His obituary may be viewed on the Beyers Funeral Home website........ Jodi.                                                                                    
11-23-2013 Bowling will begin Thursday, December 5th.  Sign  in at the Library. Check with Sue Burgess or Deb Leahy with any questions.
11/17/2013 Please visit the Social Directory.  If your name is NOT on there and you would like it to be please fill out a Directory Authorization Form (DAF) here.
11-17-2013 If your RV is going off your lot for maintenance/repairs and you are remaining on the lot overnight you must advise the BOD via Departure forms found on the Members Only Page.  This applies to Renters and Owners.
11/14/2013 PICK UP after your dog !!!  There is NO PLACE where you should not do this including the ditches or our neighbors across the street.
11/05/2013 Here's a link to Sign Up for a Session on using the EP Website.  Click Here

Water/Sewer is a large part of EP's budget.  We are supplied drinking water by the City (expensive, has sewer charges added) but our own well water, very low cost (has no sewer charge and should be used for washing cars/RV's and lawn watering). Perhaps your neighbor does not know this, please pass it on. We're still @ $65/mo and this helps keep our fees at this low rate.  Note: The RED faucets are CHEAP well water, Blue is City Water.

11/05/2013 Open House Schedule for 2013/2014 from 10am to 4pm these days: Nov. 23;  Dec. 14;  Jan. 11 & 25;  Feb. 8;  Mar. 1, 15 & 29
10/26/2013 Linda Hester passed away at 7:06am today.  Details when they become available...... Eddie Barrett
10/23/2013  Your thoughts and prayers are requested for Linda (Jack) Hester and her family as she struggles with terminal cancer.... Eddie Barret.
10-18-2013 Click Here for an important notice from Moffitt Cancer Center regarding being dropped by insurance plans.

Home Town Wireless is having problems with the service within EP.  Lightning, rain, growing trees & cloudy days have all come together to interrupt WiFi throughout the park and in the Library too.  This happens after dark.  We are assured that a long term solution is in the works.

10-3-2013 Click on the Newsletters link above for the October '13 issue of "To The Pointe".
9-14-2013 Please Note: I will be leaving for EP on 9/16. ETA after 9/30.  Internet on the road is not always great so website updates might be slow..... JL
8-28-2013 SCAM ALERT !!  We have been notified by one of our online advertisers of a potential Scam by a "Judith Beaumont".  Please read and save this notice. This concerns both Rentals and Sales.
8-15-2013 Please put Patricia Lefaivre (Lot#256 Tourmaline) in your payers as she recovers from extensive back surgery..... Pauline Patenaude
8-9-2013 Keep up with the news in Zephyrhills with the Zephyrhills Free Press found on the Links Page and HERE. and others HERE.
8-4-2013 New Water Restrictions can be found HERE.
8-2-2013 William Furey passed on June 28th. He & his wife Helen owned Lot 234 on Peridot Lane.  Our thoughts and prayers are with the family and friends of William's.
7-28-2013 EP Summer Lot Inspection Report (15-27 July 2013)  See Report Here  Also visit the Member's Page for Lawn Care folks.
7-26-2013 Family Motor Coach Tire Offer forwarded by Eddie Barrett Click Here
6-25-2013 Forms updated: Owner Information Document, Lot Improvement Request & Lot Improvement Procedures.
6-13-13 Lot Inspections will start around 7/15/13.....to read this NOTICE click HERE  For firms that will / have worked at EP in the past Click Here.
6-2-2013 The Social Directory has been updated.  If your name is not on it please contact the office or the webmaster.  Next update approx 7/1/13. 
5-27-2013 Check your computer for and eliminate a program named SENDORI.  This program has caused me grief and slowed my machine to a crawl......... J. Leahy.
5/19/2013 Bill Billingsly passed away Saturday May 11.  The visitation was held at Caughman-Harman Funeral Home in Chapin, SC on Wednesday May 15 from 5-7 p.m.  The funeral was on Thursday May 16 at Chapin Baptist.  Bill resided on Alabaster when at EP and has been a long time owner.
4/4/2013 Be patient.... our Newsletter Editor had a computer issue so the EP Newsletter will be late getting to me and posted this month.

The EPPOA BOD wishes to thank Fran and Bob Sanford for their service to Emerald Pointe and wish them the best as they work through issues of health with family and friends..... Jack Wilson, pres.

3/26/2013 A new SOCIAL Directory page is listed on the Home page. Check it out.  If your name is not on it, we do not have your permission to do so.
3/25/2013 L-O-S-T  Tan Jacket with front zipper.   If found please return to: Ned Dobson, Lot#279, 3450 Tourmaline.
3/24/2013 We would like to see YOU at the next Sales & Rental Promotion Meeting on Thursday, March 28 at 1:00pm....... at the Clubhouse.
3/24/2013 The NEW Administrative Committee list is available on the Member's Page.
3/22/2013 Problems with the Hometown Wireless WiFi can be viewed here........  Rod really does a good job for not much $$$.
3/18/2013 The Easter Brunch has been moved to 2:00pm.........
3/15/2013 Water Restrictions in place through July 2013...... Click Here to read or see the BB at Clubhouse.  No Warnings BEFORE a Citation.
3/12/2013 Please check the packet you received at the Annual Meeting for the "Directory Authorization Form" and fill it out and send to the office.
3/5/2013 Here's the 2013-2014 BOD & Office line up.  Click Here
3/4/2013 Website Page Views for the last year yielded 28,040 with 3,067 Lot Sales & 2,296 Rental views topping the tally of page views.  Only 39 (12.8%) of EP Lot Owners do not list an e-mail address for official contact information.  Using e-mail and the EP Website saves us $$$ and gets the word out much faster.
3/4/2013 Please remember to complete the EP Directory Authorization Form that was in your Ann. Mtg. packet and drop it off at the office.  The form will be available online very soon.  A new Owner's Directory can not be made available without your permission.
3/4/2013 We thank Pat Riley for his 7yrs of service on the BOD as he was not a BOD candidate in 2013.  Jim Kelley (Lot# 284) won Pat's seat and Guy Saumure (Lot# 224) retained his seat on the BOD at the Annual Meeting held 3/4/2013.  We also appreciate Shelley Lynn  and Tom Trottier for running for the Board, it's too bad that we don't have openings for all who ran, we had 4 very good candidates !
2/25/2013 The EP website had 500 page views yesterday !!  Previous to this we have only had around 400 with an average of 275 or so.
2/24/2013 Please Read >>>>>>>> BOD Notice re: Newsletters & Proxy Forms. Click Here
2/18/2013 Extra Open House days added........ Tuesdays through March, read decision here    P.W. required.
2/13/2013 PLEASE get your Proxy in to the Office if you won't be around to vote at the Annual Mtg.  Also please check our EP Directory to be sure that we have you listed if you are a new owner, if you are not listed you may not be able to vote or you will be delayed in seating.
2/13/2013 There is no longer a need to e-mail the newsletter since it is posted here (above left) long before we get to e-mailing 200+.  Please let us know if this creates a problem for you or if you need assistance in loading the newsletter.  Feedback

New Activity Contacts: Darts: Bob Simpson;   Ladderball: Boston Wilson;   Bocce: Helen Brown;   Majhong: Karen Meyer;

                                           Line Dancing: Christy Addy;   Dominos: Shirley Baird;   Painting: Erin Pesavento

1/19/2013 The Library WiFi is running OK.  Please select TRENDNET as the WiFi server for service.  Apparently it had been reset to that name from HTWC.
1/19/2013 Please keep the family of Clarence June in your thoughts and prayers as he has passed on a few days ago.
1/13/2013 Please keep the families of Howard "Spike" O'brien (former owner) and Albert Rose (long time renter) in your thoughts and prayers.  They both have passed recently.
1/11/2013 Check out the new FLEA Market link on the Links Page....... not only Florida Fleas, the whole country markets can be found.  Also check out the Site Views above right.
1/11/2013 Our Rental List shows 7 Class "A" lots available, 1 "Any RV" lot and 1 Park Model (It was rented, but the folks had to cancel) .  Looks good full !!

Also a couple of properties sold this month and some more in the works from what we hear..... now could be the time to buy.

01/07/2013  Click Newsletters above for this month's newsletter.  (The newsletter gets posted here FIRST.)


12/21/2012 Two GREAT pieces of news !!! (1) The World did not end today so you all can come back anytime AND (2) EP was entered into the Chamber of Commerce "Holiday Display Contest" and we came in 3rd....... we don't know how many parks were entered but there are over 150 of them in Zephyrhills. Great Work !!
12/20/2012 Water is a large part of EP's budget.  We are supplied drinking water by the City (expensive, has sewer charges added) but our own well water, very low cost (has no sewer charge and should be used for washing cars/RV's and lawn watering). Perhaps your neighbor does not know this, please pass it on and read the article in the January "To The Pointe" newsletter.  We're still @ $65/mo and this helps keep our fees at this low rate..
12-7-2012 Louise McMickle has asked to let people know that Wayne is still in rehab but doing better.
12-5-2012 We have heard that someone is trying to sell water supply insurance to our owners.  You are only responsible for the pipes from your lot to the EPPOA feed at the rear of your property and while you might have a problem someday, it probably does not require an insurance policy.
12/4/2012 New Online EP Directory Instructions click here, sign-up for a session on using the Online Directory see the note below (11/7/2012).

Warm up to the start of EP Bowling begins Thursday 12/6 @ 9am at Pin Chasers Lanes, Zhills.  Be there @8:45am.  Cost is $7.00

Questions - Deb Leahy Lot 88. The Regular EP Bowling starts in early January on the same lanes

11-24-2012 Raymond McKillip ( Lot 61 Beryl Ln & Lot 259 Tourmaline Dr) passed away of a heart attack on November 23, 2012. He was a long time owner and worked diligently for the park.
11-24-2012 Sprucing up the Front Gate Nov. 24th.  (Click on pic for larger photo)
11-17-2012 Lot Inspections coming your way, please get your Fall Cleaning done.  If you are not at EP your lot is probably not in the best of shape.
11-17-2012 POA Fees remain at $65/mo for 2013 !!  Make sure that you continue to use well water whenever possible that helps a lot with our bill.
11-17-2012 Open House Schedule:  12/1,  12/15,  1/5,  1/26,  2/9,  2/23 (Yard Sale Day), 3/2 & 3/16  (Only BOD approved signs allowed)
11-17-2012 Check your EP Owner's Directory listing to see if any updates are needed. Last chance before printing 5pm 11/30.
11-17-2012 If your dog walks behind you, please stop, turn around and pick up his trail of "breadcrumbs" he/she may have left behind.
11-17-2012 Pitch in, Join Guy's Work Parties at 9am Tuesday Mornings at the Clubhouse. Contact Guy for more info.
11-7-2012 Finally, here's the link to Sign Up for the Session on using the EP Website and New Online Owner Directory.  Click Here
11-2-2012 Click above for the latest EP Newsletter.
10-17-2012 The October 27 BOD Meeting has been cancelled.
10-1-2012 October Newsletter ready CLICK on Newsletters above left.       Jim Hollingsworth has passed Click here
10-1-2012 Your Webmaster is on the road back to EP,  ETA 10/18.  Communication will be poor at best.
9-4-2012 As an addendum to the September Newsletter Rich Frascone has other information here for you PLEASE CLICK HERE.
7-30-2012 Please note the New Newsletter link above left (Newsletters).  Pauline Mitchell has assumed the responsibility of that position for EP.  Thanks Pauline for stepping forward.
7-10-2012 Check the Concerns Corner for info on passing of 2 owners.
6/19/2012  Cruise 2014 These room are saved for so many days...Mid August. If you want to be included please pay your deposit. Some of you have noticed that there is a change of travel agents. Perry was Sharon's travel agent...booked through her "credit union". Since Sharon left we needed a new travel agent. The new travel agent is my daughter Tina, I am sure she will give all of us great service. Thanks, Carol  See link above right for poster.
05-21-2012 New Water Restrictions "Modified Phase II" in effect May 9 to July 31, 2012
05-04-2012 Check the Concerns Corner for info on 2 owners in need of prayers.
04-15-2012 Please try the new EP Directory Online Format and Feedback me.  Go here for page.
04-13-2012 Special Security note from the BOD.... Click for Information.
04-08-2012 A former EPer passes (Hannah Holland), see details in the Concerns Corner Page above.
04-03-2012 New Golf Cart Parking Area  Thanks to our volunteers we now have parking for many carts, freeing up the car parking spaces for, well...... cars. Great job !
04-03-2012 We have a new Newsletter editor, Pauline Mitchell. All e-mails of items of concern, family deaths, joyful news, events of interest to residents of EP should be sent to Pauline at the following address: mitchepl@brktel.on.ca Doing this will ensure everyone that they will know of any areas of concerns pertaining to residents in the park that happen during the summer.
04-02-2012 Another EPer passes (Mary Rose Carson), see details in the Concerns Corner Page above.
03-19-2012 Another EPer passes (Scotty Walls), see details in the Concerns Corner Page above.
03-19-2012 We are happy to report that Resales have been quite robust over the last few weeks.  RV Lots, Park Models and Lots with lanais have all enjoyed new owners.  Many Rental lots have been reserved for 2012-2013 already, if you would like to experience EP this Fall you need to call ASAP.
03/19/2012 When you use any of the reply forms on this site (or any site for that matter) please be sure that your e-mail address has been included somewhere on the form, otherwise we can not get back to you.
03/06/2012 The results of our election last night were: Rich Frascone (148); Roberta Cobb (102); Tom Trottier (47) and Rich Lydecker (46).  Rich Frascone and Roberta Cobb were elected to serve on the BOD for a 3 year term.  At a meeting of the directors shortly after the Member's Meeting the BOD elected Jack Wilson as their president and Rich Frascone as their VP.  Tom Tirohn was appointed Treasurer, Jane Barrett asst. Treas. and Fran Sanford Secretary
03/06/2012 Barb Sullins is stepping down from the "To The Pointe" newsletter due to a move from the park.  We thank Barb for her efforts to keep us informed since 2004 or so.  Through efforts like hers our resort is one of the best around........ thanks Barb !
03/02/2012 Sales/Rental Promotion meeting intended for all sellers and owners who rent their property on Thursday Mar. 8th at 10:00am at the Clubhouse.

Also note that we will have an Open House each Saturday in March from 10am - 4pm.

02/14/2012 Volunteers clean up the rear fence on Feb. 7th. Click here for photos.
02/10/2012 Sales/Rental Promotion meeting intended for all sellers and owners who rent their property on Monday, Feb. 20th at 9:00am at the Clubhouse.  After Monday AM Coffee.  Updates, Reports and Ideas.............. Click here for photos of Brooksville Booth
01/29/2012 Check out the new 2012 BOD CandidatesThe 2011 Annual Meeting Draft Minutes can be found on the Minutes Page.
01/19/2012 Please note the three new buttons above this line........ Feedback, Gate Clicker and Name Tags.  We would appreciate your feedback and if you need a Gate Remote or a more professional temporary name tag............ click away !
01/19/2012 Don't forget Bluegrass on Friday around 7:00pm.  No charge !
01/15/2012 WTSP Ch-10 moved their transmitter from Holiday, FL (due west of us) to Riverview, FL which is south of Brandon around the 1st of October.  What this means is that with some adjustments you may be able to get by with just one antenna.....JL
01/14/2012 Click here for: An introduction to the purpose of the Governing Documents Committee.
01/07/2012 Please make the effort and bring your cardboard, papers and aluminum cans to East Pasco Meals on Wheels.   Visit their website: epmow.com for more details.  You'll help EP, Pasco County, City of Zhills, the environment and Meals on Wheels too !
01/04/2012 If you are at all interested where you (rented, purchased or may want to visit) check this site out !  Read between the lines and absorb not only the history of Zhills but the flavor of just what it took to build this country !!   http://www.fivay.org/zephyrhills.html
01/03/2012 A reminder to all players.................
cards are sold from 6:15 p.m. on Mondays until 6:45 p.m.  All cards must be purchased between these times; however, play does not begin until 7 p.m. You should probably not arrive later than 6:35 in order to purchase your cards for play at 7 p.m. Please share this information with anyone who is new to the park as a renter or a new bingo player if you know they do not have internet e-mail service. Also please bring small bills to bingo.                       BS
01/03/2012 Bowling sign-up in the Library for Thursdays 9:00 - 11:30 am, starting January 12.  Cost $7/includes shoes.  Six lanes have been reserved for EP's league. Limit of 24 bowlers.


If you have a listing on the web site to rent or sell your property, you need to send your renewal fee of $25 for 2012 by January 1 either to Lyn McCorkle, 3326 Malachite Dr, Zephyrhills, FL 33540 or to Tom Tihron, Treasurer, Emerald Pointe RV Resort, 39602 Amethyst Way, Zephyrhills, FL 33540. Please make the checks out to EPPOA and note in the memo area that the check is for the "property listing". Thank you very much for taking care of this matter to avoid having your listing removed from the web site.
The resort wide Open Houses scheduled are January 14 & 28 ~ February 4 & 25 ~ March 10 & 24 from 10 a.m. to 4 p.m. Approved for sale signs are to be put up only during the hours of the Open Houses and removed at 4pm when the open house is over.
Since we are all getting a little older each year and at times we need someone to help us with chores or transportation, Ruth Megie is volunteering to set up a list of residents (owners and renters, too), who would be willing to be put on a list to be a "helping hand" when someone needs assistance in the park. We have residents who are alone and when they are not able to drive to appointments, they would need someone to drive them to the appointment. At other times, someone may be ill and need something from the store or an errand run. Knowing someone in the park is willing to help in any way would be a stress reliever. If you would be willing to have your name on a list of "Helping Hands" please contact Ruth Megie at 3404 Malachite Dr. I will also put a list on the bulletin board in the library for you to sign if you would be willing to be part of this special group of people. I would suggest that you give Ruth a few days to rest after she returns to their home tomorrow before going over to give her your name and I will try to have the list in the library by tomorrow (Wednesday) morning..... Barb Sullins
12-2-2011 Additional Newsletter information CLICK HERE.  Church Pgm, Soldiers & Lot Insp.
12-2-2011 Check out Jim Smith's free RV Maintenance computer program on the Links Page.
12-2-2011 2012 EP Assessment Notice here.  Rate remains at $65/mo for 4+ years !! Way to go BOD.
The first official meeting of the newly formed Emerald Pointe Garden Club will be held on Tuesday, Dec. 6 at the Clubhouse at 10:30 A.M. Please see the Dec. EP Newsletter for details.
11-30-2011 Re-sales Open House Schedule ----- Planned for 12/10, 1/14, 1/28, 2,11, 3/10 & 3/24
11-29-2011 NEW EP shirts can be ordered w/wo your name get form in Library
11-24-2011 Contact John Leahy with items and info about your activity.  Times, day of week, contact info any any other information that will help get folks to your activity.
11-19-2011 Sales/Rental Promotion meeting intended for all sellers and owners who rent their property on Tuesday, Nov. 29th at 1:00 at the Clubhouse.
11-06-2011 See the For Sale Sign policy update in the November Newsletter per FS
10-29-2011 Monday Morning Coffee resumes on 10/31/11
10-12-2011 Pickle ball anyone ?  Mike and Pauline Patenaude have sent out a survey to determine interest at EP.  I looked up Pickle Ball on the Internet and it looks like fun !  Please complete the short survey and return it ASAP.  Here's a site:  http://www.pickleball.com/ to look at.
10-9-2011 Gene Conklin has been in an accident,  see the Concerns Corner for more info.

On 9/12/11 our website host will be changing its format perhaps causing some display issues. PLEASE let me know of any NEW problems that you may have with our site..... JL

7-28-2011 Are you interested in joining a Garden Club for EP ?  Click here for the details.
7-12-2011 Security reports hog sightings last night during their numerous rounds.  Two large hogs and 8 smaller critters were observed. Perhaps we can convince Security to pen up the hogs so we can have a park pork roast in the fall with my new smoker.

See Video


Zephyrhills had a pretty rough storm this afternoon between 5-6 pm.  Luckily, EP wasn't damaged but the park across the road was not so lucky.  Several storage buildings blown over (not properly anchored) (exploded one) and several home's skirting blown out.  We saw a swirling debris but not sure if it could have been a small tornado or just straight line winds.  We have been preaching about leaving loose items out and how they get caught up in the strong winds down here, now we saw it first hand.  I have taken some pics and will post in the library.  We were very lucky!!!!  Eddie Barrett


The Rental Page now has an option to view a lot that is on the listing.  It can be found just above the list. Currently the photo sequential listing is not real friendly, we are working to fix  that.
6-21-2011 Owners who rent or want to sell need to read this article. Click here for article about visitors to Florida AND buyers.
6-19-2011 Eddie & Jane Barrett have been busy painting fire hydrants and stop lines.  Also installed are blue reflective hydrant markers. You can CLICK on photos for large picture.
6-17-2011 Summer Security Discussion 9:00 am 6/25/11 at Clubhouse.  FREE DONUTS (bring your own beverage)
6-18-2011 An option has been installed on the NEW Re-Sales Page that enables you to print out a full list of the Re-Sales.


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